To be accredited at the exhibition and conference, the organizer of which is CCA (Congresses of Central Asia) Company, a written request needs to be sent to PR Manager of CCA by phone: +(998 71) 237 15 54 or email:

Request Content:

  • Name of exhibition/conference for which the accreditation is requested
  • Mass media name
  • Journalist's last, first, and middle names
  • Position
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Е-mail
  • Website (if any)


Accreditation is granted subject to OBLIGATORY publication in your print or electronic media or TV story demonstration etc. with OBLIGATORY reference to the name of the exhibition and its organizer - CCA.

Accredited journalist should submit to CCA the copies of published materials/stories about exhibition/conference or inform of publication date/air time.

Media representatives, who obtain the accreditation but do not provide any coverage of exhibition/conference, can be denied any future accreditation.

No accreditation is granted to advertising agents and marketing staff.

Representatives of foreign mass media need to produce the certificate of their accreditation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan. Journalists without the accreditation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may not participate in exhibitions and conferences in the capacity of PRESS.

Non-accredited journalists may visit the exhibition on the third day according to standard procedures - with VISITOR badge.