Negotiations on the implementation of new investment projects based on the localization program were held between the Uzcharmsanoat Association and the German company PeconTrade.

It should be noted that Pecon Trade is considered the largest German company for the production of import substitution products. It has already successfully launched a large enterprise for the production of glass products in our country. Now the plans are to organize the production of chemicals and raw materials needed for the leather and footwear industry.

During the meeting, representatives of the Uzcharmsanoat Association informed the German side in detail about the production and export potential of the leather and footwear industry of Uzbekistan, the conditions created for foreign investors. The parties also discussed projects being implemented in our country as part of the localization program.

Representatives of the German company announced plans to open a new enterprise specializing in the production of special adhesives and oils used for the production of shoe soles.

It should be noted that at present most of such raw materials are imported to Uzbekistan from China and Turkey. Localization of this category of products will reduce the cost of footwear produced in our country.

The management of the Association noted that this raw material will be in demand not only in the leather and footwear industry, but also in the pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

Also during the meeting, representatives of Pecon Trade expressed interest in the production of special shoes and voiced their proposals on this issue. In particular, they discussed the possibility of producing products in Uzbekistan on the basis of outsourcing for German brands.

The issues of export of footwear and leather goods produced in Uzbekistan to Germany were also discussed.

Following the meeting, further plans were identified to address practical and organizational issues for establishing bilateral cooperation, in particular, issues on launching new investment projects.